Friday, June 02, 2017

Video of May Ipsy Bag Opening, Product Reviews, and More

LOL...I couldn't figure out how to slow the text down at the end, and I ended up putting it up there twice trying to fix it...then I couldn't get rid of it when I tried to just delete it!  That horse face at the end came out of nowhere too!  Ha-ha-ha. I have no idea how I managed that one.  I swear...old people and computers.  I WILL figure this out!  Love you for watching while I learn. 

If you can't see the video here, you can watch it on YouTube HERE.



  1. Huh I just got a video of you feeding horses carrots that is adorable but didn't see Ipsy bag opening, I did get them too and it is fun to refill out your likes and they change what that send to you hugs to you from Carollyn

  2. Hi Pammy... loved the horses at first! Glad they have a friend to give them some goodies. I skimmed through your video as I'm not a make-up kind of girl... but loved seeing you and having a little visit... and the lighting in your bedroom is perfect. It's been hot here... I mean really hot.. up in the 80's and low 90's! EEEEKKKK... don't like that at all. Today is better. Hope you are finding some mojo back? Take care... hugs to you... Marilyn

  3. I'm with you girl. It gets up to the 70's and it's too dang hot to move. Loved the vlog today and yes it's been far to long between video's. You make me smile, you're always so upbeat! Just love it.
    The pups are a hoot, too! ❤️
    Here's an idea . . . how about doing a cooking video sometime. Like putting together one of your favorite dishes. Or maybe a little travel journal (video) around town. Like visiting the local thrift shop, favorite restaurant, local park, etc. It's just an idea in case you ever want to expand your video library. 😉
    Take care and have a great weekend. See you online!

  4. Good job Pammy Sue! Everyone of your videos gets better and better. Love the horse shots and also all of your tips on your new purchases. I love seeing your pretty face. I'm glad I don't know how to do Videos, none of you would want to see me! Ha ha! Have a lovely afternoon my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy

  5. So entertaining. Two thumbs up fromus both. You are getting so good at these.

  6. That was fun! I love seeing the fur babies. I'm tempted to give LaVanilla a try, as well as an ipsy bag. I have a matching scar on my throat! Lovely isn't it? Glad you're back crocheting again. I sure enjoy your "haul" videos, cuz I love makeup and hair stuff, etc. Have a good wkend.

  7. I enjoy your videos. They are so much fun to watch. It feels like visiting you. All of your dogs like being up there on the bed being in the video, too.They don't want to miss out on anything. My Fuzzy pom would have been up in my face trying to help me unwrap the package. He always thinks any package we get delivered is for him because we order his food, wee wee pads and an occasional toy for him online. If there is nothing for him, he still enjoys playing with the packing material for a while.
    I liked watching you open the Ipsy package. I probably won't ever sign up for Ipsy, but it is interesting seeing what's in the package.

    How nice that your husband actually got the micellar water wipes for you. My husband gets a little cranky
    if I ask him to get any kind of stuff like that. I think he doesn't like to put on his reading gasses to see what he's looking for.

    Funny how the bigger horse let the littler one "taste test" the carrots first and then was willing to eat some himself.

    I'm looking forward to your next video. Have a fun weekend!

  8. Anonymous8:22 PM

    hi pammy the new video and products reviews...the horse you called "red" seemed a bit wary...did he warm to you and accept a carrot?...such a pretty shawl pattern...glad you motivation has returned...your crochet works are lovely...such a cute ice cream/fudgsicle ipsy bag...the make-up items look interesting...your make-up application shows well in your videos...'cause you are so "purdy"...on the video, before the make-up reviews, your lip movements and voice were out of sync...your "fur babies" are loving and protective...for small stature puppies they have deep and loud barks...thank you for the sharing...take care...sally

  9. I'm loving your videos Pam. Eli was so cute - he was giving you 'the evil eye' a few times and then suddenly he disappeared and Sammi took over. Those ipsy bags would be fun to get each month, especially since you enjoy cosmetics so much. I don't think we have anything like that here. I'd like to see you do a video of some of your finished crochet things and perhaps a glance at what you're doing at the moment. Are those horses close to where you live? They are beautiful. Enjoy the weekend xox

  10. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Pammy Sue, Your video was great! Your make-up looks so pretty. Love seeing all of your beautiful dogs. They are funny, up on the bed checking out what you are all up to, mine do the same. Your crochet shawl project from the book looks so nice. Looking forward to seeing the jade color you chose. I too have white legs, can never seem to get them to tan too much. Looks funny as the rest of me is moderately tanned.
    PS: Sorry I have to keep going by ‘anonymous’, I do not have a blog name etc and don’t want the whole world to see my e mail addy.
    Take care Sistah!
    Wenona xoxo

  11. Love your videos! :) I look forward to each one. I think you should do one with you just crocheting away...and we all can crochet along with you, it would be like we are all having crochet time together. :) Wishing you a most lovely day. ((hugs)). Blessings always.


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